Here are some cool tips and tricks that you all must try to get best out of your nokia5233

(1)To add 3D effect to your theme(a really cool trick) menu>settings>personal>Themes>General>options>theme effects turn it on.
(2)Go to dialer and long press the # key to switch between Silent and General mode.
(3)You can snooze your alarm by by rotating the phone upside down.
(4)For making an incoming call silent rotate your phone facing downwards.
(5)When you are using handwriting input a slide from right to left is backspace and a slide from left to right is space.
(6)To update firmware Press *#0000# to get your factory information now go to options to find new updates and install them(internet or GPRS connectivity is necessary).
(7)To turn on/off the notification light go to menu>settings>phone>notification lights(this light is for unread message).
(8)Their is a key on the front at top, it is a shortcut key for music,web etc.
(9)To turn off the auto rotate go to menu>settings>phone>sensor settings>turning control.
(10)To have some handwriting training go to menu>settings>phone>sensor settings>touch input>handwriting training.
(11)To calibrate your touch input go to menu>settings>phone>sensor settings>touch input>touch screen calibration.
(12)Tap the active icons on the top of the screen and see what you get.
(13)To have some shortcuts at your home screen menu>settings>phone>personal>Home screen.
(14)To save your battery you can turn off touch screen vibration menu>settings>phone>personal>themes>general.
(15) Shortcuts that you must try once
(a) #06# to know your IMEI no.
(b)#2820# to know the address of bluetooth device
(c)#7370# for formattimg your nokia 5800 default settings(password 12345)
(16) Just tap top right side corner(alarm & battery symbol) there u will get a shortcut “”for connectivity.
(17) Tap on the Date(“Mon 14-07-2014″)in top of the screen u will get shortcuts to “open calendar” & change the profiles…


Business Mobile said...

please gives us links for skype youtube fring google maps and other premium apps for nokia 701 .

Anonymous said...

the 3d effect is still not working in my5233

Anonymous said...

antha option normal ah va on la than irukum machi